lunes, 17 de octubre de 2016

Gamepolis Indie Zone: A Summary

Hi folks!

It's been too long since the last post, so first things first: sorry about the delay. As you may know, we're working hard to meet several deadlines with our game Breaking Fast, about which I'll write something more technically-oriented soon.

By the end of July we attended Gamepolis. But unlike in the previous years in which we participated as general audience, this year we were presenting our own game: Breaking Fast.

Our stand at Gamepolis. From right to left, Óliver, Manuela and myself

The Indie Zone, which was located close to the entry doors, consisted of a circular area in which 16 indie studios were showcasing their games, most of them, if not all, still in development. As usual, the two main benefits of attending an event like Gamepolis, which is targeted at a broad audience, are obtaining feedback and raising awareness of your game, and getting to know other professionals who have the same dreams and aspirations as us. As for the last point, we're very happy that we could meet the developers of great games like Cubotrox, Hive, Noahmund, Crimson Breath or Charlie Beard, among others. We even went out for a dinner one night after the show!

Pictures with some of the other studios that participated in Gamepolis

The other advantage of participating in this event, that is, exposing your game to a big audience, turned out a fantastic experience. People of all ages (although especially kids and teenagers) would play for a really long time, and they'd come back later bringing more friends to show that 'crazy game with breakfast food'.

People enjoying the Breaking Fast experience. Locomalito and Gryzor also enjoyed it!

We even organized a tournament in which the best three players would win an official Breaking Fast tee. The initiative was really welcome, and hundreds of participants signed up for it. Knowing potential fans of your game is very rewarding, and we took a good deal of pictures with them. Some of them covered Breaking Fast on their Youtube channels, which is something that we, as indie developers, always appreciate a lot.

Some of our more loyal fans. Thanks so much!

Finally, as part of the participation, we were eligible for different awards, and good news are... we won the Public Choice Award! Even when the economic value of the award cannot be dismissed for a low-budget studio, the real value comes in the form of motivation and inspiration to continue improving the game. It's a certainty right now that people enjoy Breaking Fast, and enjoy it a lot. It's just a matter of polishing it well. The other awards went to Noahmund (best sound), Hive (best game as chosen by the jurors), Crimson Breath (best visuals) and Cubotrox (most innovative game).

If you want to read something very cool (and deep) about Gamepolis and about the indie scene in general, check this out (in Spanish, sorry).

See you!