jueves, 17 de abril de 2014

After Beta Testing... Marketing!

Hi all!

It's been quite a long time again since the last post, but several reasons have prevented me from writing for a while, including some health issues, work and lots of other issues that I don't mean to use to excuse myself... 

Anyway, after beta testing was completed (thanks a lot to those beta testers who read this), and  after receiving very positive and constructive feedback, we are almost done. 

What have we been working on this last week? Mainly on two aspects: more challenging levels and... marketing! Wait, what? How do you work on marketing? Well, for now, I've been working on a seductive and catchy trailer that will be on youtube quite soon and about which I feel very proud. I'm actually looking forward to showing to everyone, but I want the game to be available in the store before doing so. "Patience, patience", I have to repeat to myself very often...

Me :) working on the game trailer... Mmm that tomato looks familiar... 

On the other hand and as already mentioned, we are working on and polishing the last levels. Concretely, we want to design 18 more levels, which we estimate it will take us around three days. 

So that's it! We're almost ready to close the first chapter: finishing a game and making it available so others can enjoy it. Nevertheless, we expect this not to be an end, but just the beginning of a fascinating new world: the world of Chubby Buddy!

Stay tuned!!

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