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Chubby Buddy: Advanced Mechanics

Hi all!

In a previous post, I explained the basic mechanics of Chubby Buddy. It is time to present the last three main mechanics of the game, which can be enjoyed in its premium version.

Introducing the pastry chef

Figure 1 shows the pastry chef, which is subject to the same movement rules as the rest of cakes and as the grandma. The difference is that when our chubby buddy is right next to the chef (i.e. when the kid is on the right of, left of, on top of, or under the chef), you lose! (Don't worry, there are no lives, so you can happily restart the level). 

Figure 1. Nooo! A pastry chef is about to be moved next to the kid! Abort operation!

Double-leap cake

Figure 2 shows a double-leap cake, which is represented as a green cake with lots of tiny sweet shavings. As its name implies, these cakes allow our chubby friend (and any other element of the game) to reach one row higher than regular cakes. Their rules of movements are exactly the same as the rest of elements. 

Figure 2. Using the double-leap cake to reach the badly wanted fruit

Memory cakes (a.k.a. the copy-paste)

The last mechanic is a bit more complex, and it will make you suffer (in the good sense) and will make you think every movement through! 

Everything starts as a regular level, but you'll notice that there is a new button on the top center of the screen, right next to the level indicator, as illustrated in Figure 3. 

Figure 3. Memory cakes button

Tapping this button will take a picture of the screen, and the current layout of cakes will be "memorized". Just after tapping the button, you'll also see that the number of movements has decreased one unit and the button itself has changed, indicating that there is a "memory" stored. This is depicted in Figure 4. 

Figure 4. Button activated and ready to bring back the memory of the level

Now you can move as many cakes as you want, changing completely the layout of cakes in the level, as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5. Before tapping the button again, we can change the cakes layout...

When you want to recover your memory, you just have to tap the button again, and the cakes of your memory will come back in black and white (because they are old... metaphor-wise...). This is illustrated in Figure 6.

Figure 6. ... and tapping the button will bring back the old cakes to their original positions, merging them with the current cakes.

Now, you can use these memory cakes to move to places that you wouldn't be able to reach otherwise. Cool! But be wary of the fact that you cannot move these cakes as they belong to your memories... 

And that's all (for now). In the premium version, you'll find 60 exciting and challenging levels... Will you be able to complete them all? 

See you!

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