lunes, 13 de junio de 2016

Breaking Fast at BayDevs Retromiranda 2016


On May 21st, we presented Breaking Fast at BayDevs, an event held within Retromiranda for showcasing indie games. The event was a great opportunity to gather more feedback and, even more importantly, to get to know other fantastic national indie development studios, in particular,  Sons of a Bit, Calcifer Games and MoreThanGamers.

The former presented its game Isla Bomba, a puzzle platformer with lots of levels in which you have to throw bombs in the water before they explode. For this purpose, you need to combine the abilities of different animals. The game features very nice and polished 3D environments and models in the lines of the last titles of Donkey Kong, together with a fun and engaging gameplay.

As for Calcifer Games, they presented a game called U.F.O. RISE, in which you have to guide an inoffensive alien through a stage in which enemies (furious farmers) spawn continuously. The goal is to gather pieces of its broken spaceship and your only weapon is your ability to turn your enemies into allies so they can fight for you.

Finally, MoreThanGamers presented Crazy Princess, a challenging game where you play the role of a charming prince who is pursued relentlessly by princesses who want to marry him desperately. The game starts out simple, but soon it becomes an interesting challenge because the girls are quite tough and fast.

The participating studios also had the opportunity to give a talk about their studios and their games. In the next video, you can watch part of my talk (in Spanish).

As for Breaking Fast, we are very happy with the feedback received from the organizers and from the attendants. In the next video, you can watch two kids enjoying the game:

Also, we were interviewed for Ruta Gamer, a podcast about videogames hosted by the Catholic University of Murcia. You can listen to us from minute 25.

Finally, we had the chance to visit Cartagena, a really beautiful town with dozens of historical monuments and ruins. That fabulous Roman theater... 

On Sunday, the day after the event, we could even enjoy a day of beach and sun, shellfish and fried fish :).

Hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventure in Cartagena. 

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