miércoles, 6 de julio de 2016

Breaking Fast on Steam Greenlight!

Hi buddies!

Breaking Fast is now on Steam Greenlight! I already wrote about this game several posts ago, but here's a quick summary: Breaking Fast is a 2D racing game in which the main characters are pieces of breakfast food, like a toast, a carton of milk or a strip of bacon. Following the lines of masterpieces of  fun like Mario Kart, Breaking Fast proposes frenetic races in delicious scenarios like a kitchen or a picnic. During these races, it's not only a matter of being faster: you also need to be smarter and stronger, because you have to avoid obstacles (all food-related) and the attacks from other players.

The game will come out by the end of 2016. We're working on lots of stuff: polishing animations, creating new scenarios and characters, and on an online mode. Also, we collected a good deal of feedback from users and developers at both Mallorca Game and Gamelab (more about them in future posts), and we'll try to incorporate the best ideas to enhance the gameplay experience.

By the way, we're also very proud that we won the 2nd prize in the Mallorca Game Awards! But as I just mentioned, I'll give more details about this in future posts. 

For now, in addition to upvoting it if you like it, you can watch the trailer we prepared for Steam.

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